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This site is a combination of the things I enjoy. The technology of building a site that I can easily update from any computer to show the best of myself. At this time, it is a scrapbook, but in time, I expect this to become a journal as well -- somewhere for me to tell my stories, leave my opinions, teach (my visitors) and stimulate my ego (inasmuch as I think anyone would care what I have to say, since I stand here only as a Vigilant Speck).

When I was at USF, I had a project in a web design class to create a personal web page that included a section with likes and hobbies. This list emerged and has been updated a number of times since then. I am not sure there is another person out there who could engage in a meaningful conversation about more than half these things with me - perhaps that is a characteristic of our uniquity - and I don't suppose I will find satisfaction in a large percentage of anyone else's interests either.

Still, when I get into conversations with people, I often hope to discover someone with insight into just one of these areas - or at least someone who will tolerate my own acumen in the stated topic, allowing me to expostulate...or inform... I like telling stories, but in the past few years, I have also developed an enjoyment for listening to people talk passionately...about anything.

Diet Mountain Dew | Damien Rice | Ralph Waldo Emerson | 72 and Sunny | Bacon | Not being in Iraq | Florida State | Monk | Web Design | Camper Shoes | Sophie's Choice | Pink Floyd | German Wine (Mosel) | 4th MRB | Lemon | Lutheran North Football | Blue Jeans | Alton Brown | Database Design | Shakespeare in Performance | 10 Mark Schnitzel | Eminem | Hiking in Switzerland | Virtualization | Top Chef | Hill 876 | User Notification Systems | Los Angeles Lakers | Firenze Leather | Trivia | Barbecuing | Venezian Canals | Curb Your Enthusiasm | Halo 3 | FA53 | Tour de France | Dry Fit | Chuck Palahniuk | Phantom of the Opera | Steak von Stein | The Beach | Family Guy | Rock Band/GH | OPFOR Scouts | USF Bulls | In Pace | Lemonheads | Riding the Camels in Cairo | Quentin Tarantino | Fry's Electronics | M1A1 Abrams | The Bucs | Blast | Violet Crumble | Psych | Photoshop | Tank Table VIII | Australia Cricket | Claim Jumper | Kenneth Branagh | Powerpoint Rangers | George Patton | Garlic | Computer Adaptive Testing | CPOF | In-N-Out | The Red Violin |


Diet Mountain Dew
   --- Diet Mountain Dew (a class of its own)

   --- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sophie's Choice, Shakespeare in Performance, Trivia, Chuck Palahniuk

   --- Damien Rice, Pink Floyd, Eminem, Phantom of the Opera, In Pace, Blast

   --- Bacon, Lemon, 10 Mark Schnitzel, Barbecuing, Steak von Stein, Lemonheads, Violet Crumble, Claim Jumper, Garlic, In-N-Out

   --- 72 and Sunny, German Wine (Mosel), Hiking in Switzerland, Venezian Canals, The Beach, Riding Camels in Cairo

   --- Monk, Alton Brown, Top Chef, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Family Guy, Quentin Tarantino, Psych, Kenneth Branagh, The Red Violin

   --- Web Design, Database Design, Virtualization, User Notification Systems, Halo 3, Rock Band/GH, Fry's Electronics, Photoshop, Powerpoint Rangers, Computer Adaptive Testing

   --- Not being in Iraq, 4th MRB, Hill 876, FA53, OPFOR Scouts, M1A1 Abrams, Tank Table XII, George Patton, CPOF

   --- Florida State, Lutheran North Football, Los Angeles Lakers, Tour de France, USF Bulls, The Bucs, Australia Cricket

   --- Camper Shoes, Blue Jeans, Firenze Leather, Dry Fit

Periodically, I change this list, depending on my current preferences. This will probably be the basis for my blog (someday), giving me topics from which to draw.
          You May Not Know

When I was younger, I wrote two historical novels.

Now, one of my hobbies is working in the kitchen. I wouldn't quite call myself a chef, but I am getting there. I'd love to go to culinary school someday - although I have no desire to ever work in a kitchen (just to be good in my kitchen).

  I won the Tiger Jack award, presented to top company grade officer at Fort Irwin. I also earned over 25 Hamby awards.  
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