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Welcome to my site.

If you have stumbled here by accident, please leave. This is really just a site I have to document some parts of my lfe.

Most people who I have sent here are really just looking for my recipes. Click the Cooking link at the top and enjoy.

New Stuff

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There are a bunch of areas I have left on this site where I can add more content if I want to go back and put more info. This is one of those (the spots on the bottom are also reserved for more info).


Looking for my iPhone and Android App Pages?

This is also a site I am going to use to test code that I am playing with. I should be able to do javascript, visual basic and database coding here.
  The M1A1 Abrams tank in the picture was one of mine in Alpha Company, 2/37 Armor. I will have more tank pictures in the military section once this page gets its legs underneath it.  
  I am also going to have links to some of the stuff I have been doing at the University of South Florida, where I was a Ph.D. student. I am thinking about setting up a blog, but I haven't completely decided on that.  
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